Monday, November 7, 2011

Angel has started to open up

Dear Mama,

Yesterday, Angel and I had a sort of little bonding time. After working, I went to Sta. Teresita to pick her up and then we went to Marquee Mall. It was something really unplanned but it turned out quite special, Mama. Angel has started to open up. She said that there are many in her school who has a crush on her and some were even asking if they could court her. She said she replied NO to them.

All throughout, I was smiling, because she finally felt comfortable telling me these kind of things. While I am not really comfortable with this topic when she is involved, at least it would prepare me, and that she trust me enough to tell me these kind of things, Mama.

I guess it helped that I was also being open to her too. You know that girl I was telling you about in my previous letters? I also told Angel about her, Mama. Was she so inquisitive! She was asking a lot of questions, and she was giving me some sort of advice too. Anyway, I think the girl is  a lost cause. I think she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me… unless you want to help me, Mama.

By the way, I talked to the kids yesterday about your upcoming birthday. Angel wants a dish that has shrimp, and Ralph suggested tempura. Oh boy! Can I do that? I guess, since  I asked, I am obliged to comply. I’ll try my best, Mama. Also, they still want my spaghetti… and Angel said she would like to invite her best friend on your birthday, which by the way Mama, is a boy.

Anyway, I think I wrote quite a long letter. I guess there was just too much to say this time. Thank you very much for being patient, Mama. Take care of yourself. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.