Thursday, November 24, 2011

I don't know if it's better...

Dear Mama,

I am not sure if things got better. I'm referring to her, Mama. She finally talked to me, on her own terms, that is. She talks to me when she feels like it, and still avoid me or ignore me when she doesn't. No, I'm not expecting anything, Mama. I guess I should be happy with I have right now. Yes, maybe it's better, but honestly, it's more painful.

Anyway, about the TV, I won't be selling it anymore Mama. Angel doesn't want me to sell it. She told me what you used to say, "Don't sell or give away anything that was given as a gift." She also said that she needs to be updated with the news which is often discussed in their class. So I won't be selling it.

Your birthday's in a few days, Mama. I still don't know what to cook. The kids still want my spaghetti although they want me to cook tempura this time. And they have guests too, Angel and Ralph. I don't know about Edgar. This time, they won't be in at the same time, Angel will be in the afternoon while Ralph and Edgar will be in the evening. That means double the work for me. Oh well, I guess I should get used to it.

I've said a mouthful, until my next letter, Mama. Please take care of yourself. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.


P.S. Will you talk to her? Please?