Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dear Mama,

The story has been shown and so far all I hear are positive feedback, thanks goodness! Anyway, everything seems to be back to normal, Mama. There's not much hype, which I really like so I can live and move on normally.

Right now Mama, I'm at work and so is Ralph. Edgar went to help his former classmate design a float and Angel is in Sta. Teresita because she doesn't want to be alone at home. It just occurred to me how grown up our kids have become, Mama. We are all at different places right now. It used to be that, wherever I am, they will also be there. Now, it's a different story. They're growing up so fast, Mama. I hope I can grow and adapt as fast as they do.

By the way, it will be your birthday soon. What would you like to do this year, Mama? Should I cook again my now-famous "super-meaty" spaghetti? hahaha... I should learn how to adjust my sauce, Mama. It's like a meat with sauce added. Or maybe, I should cook a different food this year, what do you think, Mama? But what else can I cook? I have to really think hard about it, so we can make your birthday this year special. I think I should discuss this with the kids tonight over dinner, Mama.

Need to get back to work now, Mama. Take care of yourself now. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.