Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our water pipe and Angel's new jacket

Dear Mama,

One of our water pipe was broken yesterday. We had to turn off the main water valve to prevent water from flowing freely inside the house. I tried to fix it but it only worsened the problem. I was looking for a quick fix to it, but when I asked from the hardware store this morning, they told me there's no shortcut to fixing the pipe. Instead, they taught me what I should do. Which I tried and I learned that it wasn't that easy. Until I gave up. Still, we have no water.

I tried asking again, this time from those open  shelves hardware stores inside the mall. Again, I was told that there's no shortcut and told me to do what the first hardware store also told me. So, I had no choice. When I went back home, I did was I told. I almost wanted to give up again until finally, I was able to do what they wanted me to do and I was able to fixed the pipe and so now, we have water again. Oh well, I'm still not old to learn new things, Mama.

This evening, Angel and I went to the grocery after having dinner. Before going home, we passed by a clothes store inside the mall and I showed her the jacket I told her a few days before. She was asking me to buy her a varsity jacket Mama since two months ago. We asked for the price of the jacket, it was P400. It wasn't really on the budget, but I thought that if I didn't buy the jacket at that instance, I might not be able to buy her anymore. So, I bought the jacket and Angel was very happy.

Edgar will be having their midterm exams next week. I already got his permit. As usual Mama, I once again signed a promissory note just to get his permit. I hope there will come a time when I won't have to sign any promissory note just for our kids to take their exams.

I really wish things would be better soon, Mama. Anyway, I guess that's all for now. Take care of yourself, Mama. Until my next letter. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.