Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Songwriting workshop and senior citizen insinuation

Dear Mama,

I am very much excited for the songwriting workshop tomorrow. I will get to meet The Maestro, Ryan Cayabyab, who will be conducting the workshop. I hope I can make my time worthwhile. I mean, I hope I could reach out and really participate instead of just being so quiet at the back. I hope I can get something from the experience, and of course, I wish I can have the guts to ask Mr. Cayabyab for a photo opportunity. It would make the workshop participation complete, right Mama?

You know what, Mama? I bought medicine on my way home at Mercury Drugstore at the highway. I was surprised because the saleslady asked me I have a senior citizen card. I dismissed it at first and proceeded with my business. When I asked for vitamins, she asked me if I wanted the premium type, the one which is for 50 years old and above. Imagine that! Do I really look that old?! I know I already have white hairs, but they're not all white, Mama. How tactless can that saleslady be? She should be thankful I was not my grumpy old self.

Anyway, I guess it's inevitable. I know I'm growing old and I'll do it all alone... until I'll be with you once again, Mama. By then, growing old won't mean a thing to me anymore because I am with you once again. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.