Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dear Mama,

It's official! Ralph finally graduated this afternoon. Our eldest has finished college, Mama! Aren't you proud of him? Finally, our prayers and hard work paid off. We were able to send Ralph to school. I hope he'll be responsible to shape and prepare for his future. Now, it's just Edgar and Angel that we have to work for, Mama. I hope I am making you happy in spite of my constant whining.

That's really all I have to tell you right now, Mama. But let me share with you some pictures of Ralph this afternoon.

Edgar was not with us because he was working during Ralph's graduation. But he joined us after his work. Unfortunately, the camera's battery died and I was not able to take pictures of Ralph while he was on the stage and while we were celebrating after the graduation. But he was happy, Mama. And so am I.

We miss you, Mama. Wish you were with us.

I love you.