Friday, September 18, 2015

Dear Mama,

Good morning. It's 4:28 a.m., just thought I'll write you a letter before I start my weekend. Today is Saturday, although it won't be a rest day for us, Mama. Edgar will have his review class the whole day today. Me, I'll be going to the gym this morning and attend the Knights of Columbus meeting after lunch. Angel will be cleaning her room, or she might go out with friends later. Ralph will not be going home this weekend, Mama.

Angel was not able to join me in my run yesterday, Mama. In fact, she went home later than her usual time because they were finishing a Powerpoint presentation for a school project. Too bad, I thought I would be having a nice bonding time with her at La Pieta. Well, maybe she'll join me tomorrow in my morning run.

That's it for now, Mama. Take care of yourself. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.