Friday, April 27, 2012

Ralph's graduation...

Dear Mama,

Ralph graduated from 4th year college. There wasn't any celebration because we're short on cash. But we just went out to eat in a fastfood restaurant, together with Edgar and Angel, after the graduation ceremony this afternoon. It was even Ralph who paid for our bill, although I promised to pay him next week which is our payday. Although he graduated already, he will still have to continue going to school for his 5th year, Mama. It is a requisite now before he can take the review exam. So, he is still not required to work. While he is actually working now, albeit with a very low salary, I still do not require him to help in the household expenses. One good thing though, is that he doesn't ask for money anymore to buy for his personal needs.

It's already 1:27 a.m., actually. So, my "this afternoon" should be "yesterday afternoon." Anyway, I'm still not asleep, Mama. I still recorded the song I wrote which I plan to submit in a songwriting contest. I have to wait very late until everything is quiet. You know I only record at home, Mama. If only I have a beautiful voice just like you, I would have a chance, Mama. Well, let's just hope that they would listen to the lyrics, instead of the quality of my voice.

That's all for now, Mama. My birthday is coming soon.

Take care of yourself. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.