Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dear Mama,

Edgar did not go home last night. He stayed at his classmate's house because he needed to finish an article for their college newsletter. His assignment was given to him at the last minute that's why he had to rush. Unfortunately, we still do not have computer at the house which was why he had to stay at his friend's house. I'm glad that they accommodated him there, although I am worried because I am not used at our children not staying home for the night.

This morning, he still wasn't home when I went to work. I received a text message from him at around 10 a.m. and said he just woke up. If only I was able to provide for all their needs, he doesn't have to stay out, Mama.

I told him he has to go home because Angel will be in school only in the morning today and she will having her lunch at home. I guess, by now Edgar is already home since it's already 11:30. Angel will be home anytime now, will check on him after I finished this letter, Mama.

Angel told me last night that they will have a meeting on Saturday after the exam. The meeting will be for those who are interested in the ballroom club that I mentioned in my last letter. We both know that while Angel loves to dance, ballroom dancing is not really her type. But she is interested because of the opportunity to get scholarship, Mama. I hope I'm doing the right decision by encouraging her to push through with it.

Ralph is still attending his o.j.t. even though he has already completed his required number of hours. I advised him to do that, Mama. I told him to stay so he can learn some more. He also told me this morning that he needs to pay for the reservation fee for their apartment. I still haven't found the money for the review. I'm just praying we will be having our salary this week complete and early. Otherwise, all I can really do is pray. I don't know what will be the consequence on him if I won't be able to deliver this time, Mama.

Well, that's already a mouthful, Mama. I guess I should stop now before I start whining again. Hoping my next letter will be a happy one for you. Take care of yourself, Mama. I miss you.

I love you.