Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear Mama,

I texted the person I said I met in my previous letter because I am desperate. As expected, I didn't receive any reply, Mama. I am not surprised. I just felt stupid... low and stupid. He said I can call him or visit him anytime. He is not the only one who told me that, Mama. A lot of people... friends, told me that they will always be there for me. Yet when I really need them, there was never one around.

Ralph's deadline for the enrollment in the review school will be this week, Mama. I am not sure if we will be having our salary this week. And I ask them, they will again tell me to look for another job if I want to. They are self-centered and inconsiderate. All people around me are inconsiderate, Mama. People will only care for you if they know they can get something from you.

I wish this nightmare would end soon, Mama.