Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dear Mama,

Tomorrow is Ralph's deadline for his enrollment at the review school. I am still waiting for two things right now - the payment for the freezer and our salary. Yes Mama, I sold our freezer just so I could raise enough money. I asked the kids' concern and said they were fine with it. Although Ralph was concerned about Angel because we won't have ice and cold drinks anymore. I told him we need to sacrifice if we want to raise funds and we can always buy ice at the neighborhood store. Unfortunately, I sold the freezer at a much lower price, Mama. Just so my friend would buy it. I'm still waiting for the payment as of now.

I told Ralph to ask one of his friends to accompany him in Manila tomorrow so he can pay his tuition for CPAR. I can't let him go alone, Mama. He doesn't really know how to go there and you know how dangerous it is around the place. Even with a companion, I am still worried about him. I hope they will be safe tomorrow.

Today is Angel's first day of exam. On Saturday, after their last exam they will proceed to the meeting for the ballroom club I told you in my last letter. I asked her what's her reason why she wanted to join the club, she said because of the scholarship. I wish she would enjoy it Mama, even if her reason is just to help me.

Well, I need to work now Mama. Until my next letter. Take care of yourself.

I miss you, Mama. I love you.