Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dear Mama,

You know, aside from the job opportunity in DepEd, I also have another job option. This tine in Clark. I went yesterday to the person who might hire me. The offer is bigger than that of DepEd and definitely bigger than what I am getting now.... even I am to get my right pay.

However, Mama, there is still no guarantee. I am not yet a shoo-in, although I am recommended by a friend that the person I talked to believed in. I hope that would amount to something. The thing is, either I start this April (which is better) or in May when he comes back from his out-of-the-country trip. Anyway, I'm hoping I will make the right decision this time.

In two days, Edgar will be turning 18. I might not be able to celebrate or give him an expensive gift. Angel suggested that we give him a bag. I might be able to do that.

After that, it's Ralph's graduation on April 10. I was able to raise enough funds for his tuition and graduation fee. Of course, I had to beg again. Thanks to a friend who helped me. I know I can't rely on my job's salary.

Tomorrow will be our annual Visita Iglesia, Mama. Excited for this another of our annual family event. I hope nothing untoward happen, you know between Ralph and Angel. I'm sure when we finish, it will be Edgar's birthday already. So, we might have a bite before we go home.

I guess that will be for all now, Mama. Take care of yourself. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.