Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dear Mama,

You know what? Edgar won second place in the fiction writing contest he joined yesterday! A few minutes after I finished sending you my letter yesterday, I received a text message from him saying that he won a silver medal for his story. I was surprised, but happy and proud of course. He was the last one I expected to excel in the literary field because he used to be more in the visual arts and music field. But I'm glad that he is into writing too!

It could have been a reason for us to celebrate, but unfortunately Mama... we can't. We still are not getting the pay we deserve. I do not why I ended up in this situation. It's the first time for me to encounter very selfish and inconsiderate people. I never thought they actually exist! I guess I trusted too much.

Edgar will be turning 18 next week and Ralph will be graduating this April. I was hoping I can make those days special for them, Mama... but I can't. I thought things will get better for us, but it didn't... and it's all my fault. I made a very bad decision and now I'm suffering the consequences, with the kids being affected. I'm sorry Mama, I failed again.