Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear Mama,

Edgar is in school right now. I thought he was just attending an event, then he texted me saying that he was not able to finish his short story because of the limited time. Apparently, he joined an on-the-spot short story writing contest and the awarding will be this afternoon. He said he stands a good chance, although I do not know how since he didn't finish his story. It seems he is developing his self-confidence now, Mama. He brought home their college newsletter where his article was published. Next year, he'll be joining the university newsletter.

Ralph is having their exams now. Their last day of examination is tomorrow, and then all the three kids are on vacation. Although, I'm sure he will still be attending his o.j.t. even if school is already finished. That is what I advised him, Mama.

Angel is here with me at the house. She's in her room right now listening to music.

I want to tell you a lot of things, Mama. I wish I can really talk to you. I wish I can see you in my dreams and  talk to you.

Anyway, that will all for now about the kids. Take care of yourself. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.