Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dear Mama,

It's 30 minutes past midnight and Edgar is not yet home. I am worried about him but he said they need to finish their project for their presentation tomorrow. He is in his classmate's house, Mama. I hope he will be okay on his way home. He has never been out this late before, Mama.

Angel just slept. She also finished her project in the computer. They will pass it this week. Ralph had their comprehensive exam today and the second part next weekend. The kids are all busy because it's almost end of the school year. They will be having their final examinations soon and I still do not have money to pay for their tuition fee balances. Ralph also reminded about the deadline for the payment in the review class, Mama. I'm running out of time.

Help me, Mama. Please pray for us. Please, pray also that I will continue to be strong. For the sake of the kids. I really wish I can hold your hands and embrace your right now, Mama. I miss you. I love you, Mama.